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Earn A Living Doing What You Love! By Melody Schafer

Do you want to make a living doing what you LOVE to do? Are you a person who is TOTALLY PASSIONATE about something and all they can think about is that ONE thing…or maybe it is more than ONE thing? Are you an artist, photographer, musician, dancer, writer, dog or animal lover, model, actor, or want to be something else that normally would not be considered a “normal” career because it does not “normally” make a reliable wage or are told there are too few “jobs”?

Maybe you have been told you should be a nurse, accountant, lawyer, engineer, or whatever else that you have no interest in, because they say there are good benefits, plenty of jobs, offer a decent wage, you’ll be “respected”, etc… I am not putting down these jobs or any other. IF that is what you want to do, then go for it! I’m talking to those of you who DON’T want to do what your friends or family THINK you should do. You want to do what you LOVE….and I mean the “NO MATTER WHAT” kind of love.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you CAN'T do what you want in this life….as long as it is legal of course. Life is TOOOOO short! Thisarticle speaks ONLY to those who are willing to work hard at what they love. It may take ALL your time…day and night…but you wouldn’t care because it is not work to you and you find great joy and satisfaction. If you find yourself always pursuing knowledge to better yourself in the area of your choice, then you are on the right track.

One can’t say they want to be a writer then NEVER write anything. Or if they do they write, they do it once in a while, or they say “I can’t think of anything to write” and do nothing about it. If you are not willing to go all in then maybe this passion should be a hobby and not your career. In this case, your family and friends might be right and you are better off getting a “normal” job if you are not the type of person who can stay self-motivated daily for years on end. The career of your choice should always be on your mind…not because you have to “make” yourself think about it but you naturally just “DO”.

So you ask yourself, “How am I going to get a “job” to pay those bills?” Maybe getting a “job” isn’t the answer. Maybe having your own business IS the answer. If you are a writer, maybe you can start a blog, write articles for the local paper and write content for websites. Maybe you can get a “job” teaching ESL (English as a second language) in different countries and blog or write a book about it while you are making a little money and opening your mind to new cultures around the world. You don't even need to be able to speak a foreign language. Join the Peace Corp or volunteer in Peru. Experience and travel can be one of your best teachers. 

I already hear some excuses NOT to follow your passion.  IF I have to convince you to follow your passion as a career, maybe it is best you do it as a hobby, as I mentioned earlier.

Some excuses I will hear are:

·     ***  “I can’t afford to quit my “job””. You can start your business while you are working, but you must use every waking hour if you want to turn your passion into your career.

·      *** “I don’t have time”. Then DON’T do it as a career. IF you TRULY want something, you will FIND the time. You will do whatever it takes.

·      *** “I have too many bills”. Become a minimalist and sell EVERYTHING you have except for what you need in your chosen path such as your laptop and dance shoes maybe? The Less you have, the MORE free you are to do what you want.

·      *** “I can’t do what I love because I have obligations such as…
1.     Kids – Keep them involved. Make it a family affair. Homeschool your kids and be with them. Teach them what you know. Learn more about homeschooling at my blog Homeschool With Family
2.     “What if I fail?” You really can’t fail if you NEVER GIVE UP!

There are a million and one ways to follow and work on your passion. You may ask:

·       “How do I do I get started?
·       “How do I find an agent?”
·       “How do I earn income”

That is what the Internet is for. There isn’t anything that you can’t find for FREE. Don’t fall into traps and scams of paying for information. You don’t even need a college degree for many types of careers we are talking about.

There are many message boards, forums, Facebook groups, and other websites related to what you are interested in. Talk to others who already know so much about exactly what you want to do.

If you are an artist or crafts person you can sell on Etsy , eBay, Amazon, Fine Arts America and fiverr for example.

Craigslist is a great place to sell your extra furniture, clothing or other things you don’t need bogging you down and getting in your way. Open up space in your life physically and spiritually to let your energy juices flow to success. Do a search on Feng Shui, if you are unfamilar with it. You can also sell services on Craigslist such as tutoring, entertainment such as planning a party, DJing, skilled trades, or whatever it is you have to offer.

Being an entrepreneur or following your passion does not guarantee you financial riches, but you will be rich at heart. You will be able topay your bills if you keep them at a minimum. You may become financially successful and that would be awesome. Either way, a life full of regret is no life at all and a life full of love and happiness is heaven on earth. 

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The Homeschooling Family & Freedom

The Homeschooling Family & Freedom
By Melody Schafer

When one talks about homeschooling, the two words that usually comes to one’s mind is “education” and “socialization”. The word that comes to my mind is “FREEDOM”.
I went to a Catholic school for the first 12 years of my education. I had wonderful teachers, the schools were nice. I had friends and got good grades. Even with all that, I remember as if it were yesterday, sitting in the classroom, looking out the window wishing I could leave and be outside. I felt like a prisoner with no escape. This was back in the 1970s & 80s. I never heard of homeschooling, but I remember thinking…..IF I ever had kids I’m not going to make them sit in a classroom day in and day out for 12 years. I felt the hours of my life being stolen from me as the clock ticked…tick-tock…tick-tock….

                                 This was me in grade school.

I was 6, 7, 8 years old, then 9 years old as the time passed. In 1975, Francisco Franco, the dictator of Spain died. Franco was the murderer of my grandfather during the Spanish Civil War in 1936, leaving my mother who was only 11 years old and her little brother who was 8 years old to fight for their lives….a struggle they would never forget.

The little girl to the left is my mother and her brother is the little boy to the right. This picture was taken before my grandfather was killed. 

The 3 pictures above are pictures that were taken on the trip in the province of Asturias in Spain. This place is called Covadonga. Do a search and you will find some rich history.

In 1976, my mother, along with my oldest brother took my youngest brother and myself to Spain for 5 weeks in October to visit my grandmother, uncle and other relatives. My mother had not seen her family for so many years. I was in 3rd grade at the time. I remember the teachers gave me all the work that would be covered in those 5 weeks so I would not miss out on anything. I did all the work in 3 days so I wouldn’t have to take “homework” with me. That is when I really started thinking….if I got this work done in 3 days…why does it take 5 weeks to cover it in the classroom?

So off to Spain we went and what I learned in those 5 weeks was more than I learned in the 12 years of my education in “school”. As it was, my mother was very pro-education. When her father was killed, she could no longer attend school. No one…but NO ONE would tell her she could NOT learn. Even though she would have to work in the factories or sewing to help earn money to feed the family, she found the time and a way to learn. It wasn’t in a classroom. She was self-taught and is one of the smartest women I know, even today. She is 90 years old and tells me she is still always learning. She was an avid reader and always had books of all types in the house….and I read every one. My mother has taught me so much about life and what it is REALLY about. I have learned that just being alive is important, that being FREE and to be free to be with one’s family is what REALLY matters.

This is my grandfather shortly before he was murdered.

So after those 5 weeks in Spain, I went back to school and I remember I wanted to get through the workbooks as fast as I could so I could go to the library and carry as many books that my long skinny arms could carry home to learn about things I was not learning at school. So I was so proud to show my teacher how I go the whole year of work done in a couple of weeks only to be scolded. I was young and just didn’t understand why I got into trouble. Most kids got into trouble for NOT doing their homework. What I mostly learned in school turned out to be incorrect historically, scientifically or of no use in what I do in my life today.

So my quest for learning outside of school continued. I would love to talk to my father’s friends who grew up during the Great Depression or who served in World War 2 and/or Korea with him. Hearing the stories first hand was so much different than the one paragraph or the one chapter we had learned in school. 

These 3 pictures above are of my father who served in WW 2 and the Korean War. The Korean War has been called a "police action" and a "conflict". I'm calling it a "War" because that is what my dad said it was to him. "War". He was stationed in Sasebo Japan.

The years continued as the clock ticked away and when I was 15, my younger brother and I went to Spain with our parents. I was in 10th grade at this time. It took me a little longer this time to get all the work done that the teachers gave me before we left for 4 weeks, but I got it done in a very short time.

This was me getting my homework done.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel more of Spain this time and also visit Gibraltar which is British Territory. You can read more about Gibraltar and its history if you search online. It is most interesting.

Above is the Rock of Gibraltar. 

We also visited family in Ceuta, Spain which is on the continent of Africa on the Mediterranean as well as visiting Morocco. We took a fairy that took us from Southern Spain to Northern Africa. It was a wonderful short trip. We watched the dolphins jump and swim along our boat. We met people from around the world including Germans, Canadians and other Americans. When we came ashore, a Moroccan man with a donkey and a camel offered to trade for me. My father politely explained he was not in need of a camel or donkey and pushed me behind him and we kept moving. I was amazed at the difference in clothe, food, way of doing business and more. I learned how different the customs and cultures can be. I thought “NOW I’m getting an education!”

I remember when we were in the province of Asturias, in Northern Spain. We were on top of the mountain when my dad pulled the car over to take pictures of the breathtaking views. I stood their looking down at the valley with the wind blowing in my hair and I felt such freedom…such exhilaration. I remember thinking, at that very moment, my friends at school were in Chemistry class and I was sooooo grateful not to be in class. I REALLY knew then that this feeling was a feeling of FREEDOM and I wanted MORE of it.

Here is a picture of me on top of one the many beautiful mountains in the region at 15 years old.

 I continued all my life to strive for this feeling of freedom. It has not always been easy and it is much too easy to lose grasp of it if I am not paying attention.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be HOW or WHAT one homeschools their children, but more of WHY one would homeschool. For our family, it is about being FREE. Free to be with our children, to learn about ourselves…TOGETHER as afamily. 

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What Does LIVING FREE Mean To You? By Melody Schafer

What Does LIVING FREE Mean To You?
By Melody Schafer

This is a hot topic today and can cause a great debate between people. The thing is….there is no reason to argue because there is no one right answer. We all have a different definition of what LIVING FREE is to us and it could mean something different to us in different times of our lives.

When we were kids, being free might mean being able to go to a friend’s house and do things we normally are not allowed to do in our own home…or not having to go to school because of a snow day.

As we get older, we may find the meaning of LIVING FREE changes.
I personally have found having health would be on the top of my list for LIVING FREE. Without it, it can be difficult to do the things one would love to do. Many of us have a lot of control over our health by just living a healthy life style (and that will also mean different things to different people). For those of us who don’t have total control of our health, we need to do whatever it takes to be running at peak performance…usually that means keeping stress down, resting when we need to, etc. In order to do this we need the freedom of our TIME.

If we do not have control of our time I, personally, find that is part of our freedom being taken away. How do we take more control of our TIME? This is where some debate may enter into the conversation. Working for a company for x amount of dollars will take away from your time. One will say “but I NEED money to pay for xyz”. That xyz might be a house, car, jewelry, food, vacations, education, taxes, insurance, health care, etc….

It is true we need money to live within society, BUT if one can find a way to earn that income in an enjoyable manner, then that TIME or FREEDOM is really not being taken away from oneself and that person still feels free. If you work for a company you love, pays well, benefits, lets you decide when you want to work then you may feel quite free. Unfortunately, there are very few companies like this.

What are alternatives? Working for oneself is one idea. I’m not talking about owning a brick and mortar type of business where there are large overheads and much of your time is taken because of set hours. You may LOVE your brick and mortar business and feel completely free because that is all you want to do…BUT something to think about…if you lose your health…and can’t physically be at the brick and mortar business, can you still earn income to pay for xyz? Can you afford to close the doors and travel for a month?

Thanks to the Internet there are so many new ways to earn money online. One can do what they love to do and on their own time. If you are not feeling well you can take a nap, eat, take a day off, then get back to what you love while earning an income. 

This can be something such as selling artwork, crafts, writing, editing, consulting, tutoring, etc… Just do your research online. There isn’t anything you can’t find online on “how to” do something. There is no excuse saying “I don’t know how”. You don’t need a college degree to learn. The Internet is  FULL of information. 

Yes, it can take hours, months and years to find what you want to do and how to do it but you don’t need to WAIT. You can start TODAY. Something as simple as starting your own blog or YouTube channel or opening an Etsy, eBay or Amazon store will get the ball rolling. This doesn’t mean that this is what you will do for the rest of your life…but it might start you in the right direction and things will evolve for you as you learn and find your way if you keep at it…keep at it EVERY DAY.

The MORE xyz items you have the MORE income you need. Take a look around ask yourself….”do I need all this?” You may not need it, but you say you WANT it. That is great…BUT….are you WANTING to keep these items at the expense of your freedom? That is up to you. No one can answer that for you but yourself. If you are saying “I don’t need it. I’m tired of dusting that thing”. Post the items you want sold, such as furniture on Craigslist, or eBay or whatever site you prefer. Have a yard sale. Once you get started…it can be addicting and so much fun when you feel the space open around you and you can breathe better and you have a few extra dollars in your pocket. You will find you can think more clearly and you will be set in motion to find the freedom and dreams you have always wished for.

The older I get, the more I am looking around to see how else I can continue to downsize. I don’t’ WANT things. I don't know if I can call myself a minimalist, but I'm always striving for minimalism in my life.

We have rented in the past, we have owned a larger home on 10 acres, we rented again when we moved to Florida, then downsized to a smaller home. For now, it works for our family of 4 and 2 dogs. 

We played with the idea for MANY years with living in an RV and I still LOVE that idea, but for now we are doing what we feel is right for this time of our life. We even played with the idea of living on a boat since my husband owns a mobile marine business and could do the repairs which can get costly if we were to have to pay someone for things when they go wrong. Who knows, maybe we will do it all J

Many of us LOVE to travel. I know I do. I have traveled all my life, but not to the extent that I would have liked to. So just talking about this topic motivates me to do MORE that will lead me into the direction I seek. 

That is one of the reasons I HIGHLY recommend finding a home based business or rather an online or other mobile business that you can earn an income and doing something you love while traveling the world or at least knowing you can travel in between slow times in your business. Again, the less things you have, the less bills you have and the MORE money you will have to travel…IF….that is what you want to do….IF that what makes you feel FREE.

Life is too short not to take advantage of all that it has to offer. Some say we should work REALLY hard, save every penny, then when we retire at 65 or 70 THEN we can travel the world. The problem with that is that there is no guarantee we will live until then and if we do…for how many years? OR will we have the health or energy to really jump out of that plane, sail around the world, backpack through Europe, visit the Andes, scuba dive, etc…?

We all have our excuses not to do what it takes to fulfill our dreams. I catch myself many times doing just that…so I know it’s not always easy. It helps when we speak with likeminded people because you will find friends, family and even strangers telling you that you are crazy for living an “unconventional” life, or that you are not “normal” for doing something, such as downsizing, or starting a business, or living with less. Do what you know is right for you. Find what LIVING FREE means to you and DO IT!

I’m not saying to not be responsible for your future…but be responsible for RIGHT NOW…while you have it. 

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Lindsey William's elite friend gives 3 month warning for economic implosion

Lindsey William's elite friend gives 3 month warning for economic implosion

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Published on Jun 20, 2015
Conspiracy Fact - 104.1 KQTH Saturdays 4-5pm. Lindsey Williams releases newsletter including oil executive friend warning of economic collapse between Sept. 2015 - Oct 2015. Jade Helm 15 map coincides with map of US veteran retirements.

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Streamed live on Aug 25, 2013
Worldschooling - when the whole world is your school! A presentation by Dr. Jessie Voigts & Hannah Miller ( and, respectively), about global education, and a teen's perspective on learning by BEING in the world.

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5 Steps To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

5 Steps To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

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